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main accord: CITRUS and AROMATIC 
Rosemary, Grapefruit, Marine Note, Honeysuckle, Rose Hip, Cedar wood 
"Free man. You will always love the sea! The sea is your mirror; contemplate your soul in the infinite unfolding of its wave. And your spirit is not a less bitter abyss" Perfume of freedom, echo of the soul, rumble of storm of love. Baudelaire tells a truth about man and the sea. Summer fascination that translates into boundless freedom. This freedom is a sea breeze heard and felt when in the seaside; it is essence, the scent of summer evenings dreamed with closed eyes on the nights of May. Growing desire of walking on the beach, barefoot on the sand. This fragrance is a hymn to the Mediterranean, to our sea, to our summers. The same spicy breeze that disrupts the hair of young women, settles on top of the green needles of Rosemary and chases the delicate and timid scents of Honeysuckle while hiding under the intoxicating petals of Dog Rose. Nothing can be done except listen to the scent of the Mediterranean coast.


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  • In compliance with Italian law at the moment we only ship to the EU area!

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