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A tender and sweetly perfumed flower blooms in the peaceful shade of the woods, the Violet, symbol of simplicity and honesty, but more widely known as the messenger of the most romantic thoughts of love. This formula also has the great capacity to love the freshness of your skin: applied with a pleasant massage, it nourishes, moisturises and helps prevent the onset of unsightly sagging by availing of the excellent and three-fold action of Cottonseed, Olive and Babassu Oils. But that’s not all: the formula contains Extracts of Pansy and Garden violet, embellished with fine active ingredients that curb the excessive presence of free radicals. A moisturising Complex from Olive and Wheat complete the treatment, which gives skin a radiant and smooth appearance...younger than ever!

Perfumed Body Cream Accordo Viola

SKU: 026.566
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