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main accord: FLOWERY and FRUITY 
Orange, Tahitian Coconut,  Frangipane, Geranium, Rice,  Patchouli, Labdanum 
Frangipane flowers are found in America, as well as in Mexico and Australia. Intense and unexpected. Aromatic and Soft. It goes perfectly with Geranium. This fragrance comes from the desire to amaze the senses with the unexpected and fresh breath of life of the Frangipane, soon surprised and enveloped by the elusive caress of the Coconut. A long moment of sweetness that irreparably gives way to an intriguing and lasting embrace of Patchouli, Incense and Labdanum wood. Close your eyes, here you can perceive the heady bitter scent of an orange field while the equatorial sun hits the white petals of the frangipani flowers and a refreshing shade protects them in the hottest hours.


SKU: 8033100123067
  • In compliance with Italian law at the moment we only ship to the EU area!

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