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Inspired by the Adriatic Sea, Giallo Elicriso (Italian for Helichrysum Flower) is a warm yet deeply floral fragrance. The Helichrysum flower, also known as Everlasting, is a member of the Sunflower family and thrives in the rocky, sun-baked zones of southern Europe. The flower is renowned for its lovely, sweet, straw-like scent and is combined in this fragrance with fresh aquatic, violet and cedar wood, exuding the magic of a sea breeze with the spray of a bottle.

TOP NOTE: Diamante Citron - Aquatic agreement - Violet leaves

HEART NOTE: Helichrysum - White peppercorn - Nutmeg

BASE NOTE: Cedar wood - Vetiver - Benzoin

Giallo Elicriso 50ml

SKU: 85 346050
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