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As light as the poppies that colour summer fields and meadows scarlet red, the foam of this shower gel yields up their evanescent perfume for you every day. While the accords of Poppy petals, Davana of the Indies and Prunella are released to envelope you, delicate and gentle active ingredients endeavour to cleanse your skin, all over. Functional substances obtained from the fire red petals and the orderly seeds of the Poppy oversee everything: every time you wash the fluid extract obtained from Papaver rhoeas flowers, with its high anthocyanosides content, provides your skin with a remarkable antioxidant and protective action; while a second fluid extract is obtained from Papaver somniferum seeds, which, rich in mineral salts and glucose, provides your skin with a very precious moisturising, softening and toning action. Every time you wash, your carefully cleansed and delicately perfumed skin will be left soft, fresh and incredibly smooth to the touch, all over.

Shower Gel Sweet Poppy 250ml

SKU: 036.345
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