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In a sheltered Liquidambar orientalis forest, the wind from the coast, the warm breeze of the irreverent Meltem awakens the red and gold leaves sleeping on the ground: their dry scent blends with the unexpected hints of honey and spices blowing in from a distant suk. This is how the Ambraliquida perfume was created, a delicate fragrance that imbues this Body Cream with its Byzantine aura, distinguished by the colourful gifts of the vast land of Turkey. Combined with the softening Butters of Pistachio and Cocoa, we have the yellow gold of the nourishing oils of Pistachio and Sesame and the extracts of Liquidambar orientalis which, with their hint of amber-red, protect and tone every part of your skin.

Body Cream Ambraliquida

SKU: 026.307
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