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At night, facial skin deserves a relaxing and restorative rest, letting a tireless molecule work to make sure you wake up with glowing skin. This is Hyaluronic Acid, a cosmetic ingredient with an excellent hydrating effect, involving three levels of the skin, since it acts with low, medium and high molecular weights: it prevents the loss of moisture towards the outside, guarantees the right level of hydration, and promotes the natural production of Collagen, all for the benefit of your skin, which is firmer and less subject to creases and wrinkles. Night-time brings other cosmetic benefits thanks to this anti-ageing treatment, enriched with Extract of Echinacea, which helps stimulate the physiological production of hyaluronic Acid, as well as the presence of Alpine Rhododendron stem Cells, with an anti-dehydrating and highly protective action.

Triple Action Face Cream Night Treatment Hyaluronic Acid

SKU: 011.706
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