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main accord: FLOWERY 
Blackcurrant,  May Rose, Mimosa, Peachtree flowers,  Softwoods 
A perfume born to fix in memory the perfume that permeates Florence. Spring begins, the trees are still bare, but Mimosa blooms in the city gardens. Florence celebrates women all spring, not only in March. Florence intoxicates the tourists and the girls of lush and delicate Mimosa. Its yellow color reflects the sun's rays. Now the bitter cold of winter is giving way to the ballerina air and unpredictable of the April days, hot and rainy. Symbol of illusion and disillusionment together, of loves that come and loves that go. But what perfume does happiness have in Florence? Happiness smells of roses given away in May. But what does spring smell like in Florence? Spring smells like Florentia 24.

FLORENTIA 24 ROSE AND FLOWERS - Eau de Parfum 50ml

SKU: 8033100122077
  • In compliance with Italian law at the moment we only ship to the EU area!

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