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Formulated with our famous Macassar Oil, this shampoo, which is creamy like a beauty milk, uses an innovative cleansing system that gently incorporates any impurities on the scalp, without damaging hair fibres and scalp proteins required for vital scalp functions. Particularly rich in nourishing and soothing elements,deriving from the various plant Oils it contains and from Soy, this shampoo makes the hair shaft radiant and full, strengthening it, and provides incredible volume even to the most worn out and tired hair. Accordingly, for on-going use, this is the ideal shampoo for fine, brittle and damaged hair, while it represents the perfect Holiday Shampoo for everyone else, as it effectively protects against the negative effects of the sun, wind, salt waterand chlorine.

Macassar Oil Shampoo 150ml

SKU: 031.102
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