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Featuring natural essential oils, the fragrance of this Shower Shampoo will turn every bath, every shower into a refreshing break. With a rich and balanced formula, the product contains a number of functional substances that provide foam with an effective and yet gentle action. Along with extremely gentle surfactants, it contains the fluid Extract of Baobab fruit, which has powerful moisturising, toning and protective properties, and the fluid Extract of green Coffee beans, which like the plant it comes from, has energising and antioxidant properties. This is completed by the Surface-activated Moisturising Factor and Panthenol, or Provitamin B5, which is effective in countering capillary fragility and leaving glossy and fuller hair.

Shower Shampoo L'Erbolario Uomo 250ml

SKU: 031.796
€ 12,50Price
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